A History of Service and Support. Our Clients love what we do!

Alegius Technologies takes pride in the Service and Support we provide to our Team. Yes, when we work with you, we become a team dedicated to success. Because YOUR success is OUR success!

From low voltage cabling installation to network hardware refresh to complete site upgrades, Alegius Technologies is ready to handle your needs. DoD level hard drive wiping capabilities guarantees your data is securely and safely disposed of upon decommissioning.

Your organization works hard every day and must maintain security and protection of its employees and assets. Fire, Police, or Medical response with the push of a button. 24/7 discreet video recording solutions with remote access and monitoring are some of the solutions we provide.

Our Business Network Designer assists small businesses determine which networking products are needed for a robust, scalable network. At the completion of requirement gathering questions, the user receives a recommended network design with:

  • A typology diagram
  • A recommendation of networking products and SKUs, and
  • An easy to read – no hidden cost – estimate of installation

Network Design Survey

Integrated Solutions – We get you connected.

Network Installation/Low Voltage Cabling

    • DSL/Cable/T1 Network Solutions.

Wireless Networking Solutions

    • Installation/Configuration

Security & Surveillance Solutions

    • Protecting people and assets.

SmartPhone Technology

    • Helping Key Personnel Stay Connected.

Point of Sales Projects

    • Hardware/Software Solutions.

Equipment Decommission and Disposal

    • DoD Secure Wipe/HIPAA Compliance.